They dined at Mama Maria's Italian Eatery in Chatham to help Pat celebrate her 60th Birthday. By all accounts they had a wonderful time. Pictured from left Laura Lawrence, Glenda Ellis, Lynda Cunningham, Pat Tricker, Helen Law, Nancy Coutts, Cathy Zruna, Susan Butler, Louise Highgate, front row Kathy Martin, Jill Misselbrook, Pat, and her mom Doris Stinson and Lillian Misselbrook.

Susan Butler made the cake shown in this photo. It was just wonderful noted Pat, and I certainly appreciate all the work my friends did to help me celebrate turning 60.

Daughter Jill and mother Doris Stinson look on as Pat opens a 60th birthday gift from friends, at the Mama Maria's Eatery in Chatham.

Jill and Lillian (Misselbrooks) along with Pat's mom Doris Stinson had this family photo snapped on the occasion of Pat's 60th birthday. Daughter Beth had not yet arrived from Montreal to join this particular party.

Nancy Coutts, Sue Butler, Louise Highgate with Jill Misselbrook in the background, are among the friends who gathered in Chatham to help Pat celebrate her 60th.

Mary Grainger snapped this photo of the Misselbrook clan as they celebrated grandson Justin's 11th birthday and Pat's 60th. Pictured are Jill, Cameron, Carl, Ted, Pat, Justin, Beth and Doris.

Beth captured this photo of Nana and Cameron at her 60th birthday party dinner at Johnny Quests in Thamesville. Cameron loved the food, noise and special attention given to his Nana.

Grandson Justin shares a moment and laugh with Nana as they compare notes about his 11th birthday and Nana's 60th.

Pat celebrated her 60th Birthday with friends and family during the week of November 2nd/2006.  The following bulletin board of photos captures the weeks events, including a gathering of friends for lunch in Chatham, as well as a visit from daughter Beth returning to Croton from Montreal for the 60th celebration.  Daughter Jill and Pat's mom Doris are also shown in several of the Photos. 

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