Sea Cadet, Petty Officer, Second Class Justin Foulon chosen Master Seaman 2012

Sea Cadet, Petty Officer Second Class Justin Foulon, was named Master Seaman 2012 at a review ceremony held in Wallaceburg, Saturday, June 16h/2012.

Justin receives his award as Master Seaman 2012 at a Sea Cadets Ceremony held Saturday June 16th/2012

That's Chris Miller in the middle of the photo along with Officer and another officials who worked to produce the awards ceremony and review.

Grandparents Ted and Pat Misselbrook where on hand to see Justin accept his award.

Justin's brother Cameron was extremely proud of Justin's win.

Laurie joins Justin and his dad, Dwayne at the official awards presentation ceremony of the Wallaeburg Sea Cadets.

Grandparents Richard and Simone where delighted to see Justin named Master Seaman for 2012 with the Wallaceburg Sea Cadets.

The crew of more then 20 Sea Cadets participated in awards and review program.

Justin and his mom Jill are pictured in a 2011 photo taken at Kingston Royal Millitary College.

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Justin Foulon, was named Master Seaman 2012
 at a review ceremony  held in Wallaceburg, Saturday, June 16th/2012. Over 25 area teenagers are part of the Wallaceburg Sea Cadets, most of whom are shown in various photos here.

   His family and friends are extremely proud of Justin's achievements and his dedication to the Sea Cadets program. Congratulations to Petty  Officer Second Class, Justin Foulon on being named Master Seaman.