Ted and Pat's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration!

Ted's 70 Birthday and Pat and Ted's 50th Anniversary celebrated at one dinner event with immediate family. How do you spell "perfect".

   Fifty years ago today it was hot, very very hot and humid too. Few cars had air conditioning. The roads to the Oakdale United Church were gravel filled and the air was thick with dust and dirt. My delightfully blunt and funny Uncle Bang was heard to say, "what kind of damn fools would get married on a day like this". Yep it was us!
   Pat and I had a spectacular 50th Anniversary Celebration. Our daughters Jill and Beth. Grandsons Justin and Cameron and Son-in-law Carl worked hard and with love to make this past weekend special in every way. Happily brother Al and sister in law Lil Misselbrook joined us for a fantastic family dinner party. Of course special thanks to long time friends and neighbours, for their cards, flowers, phone calls and messages of congratulations on FACEBOOK. Pat and I are truly blessed.