Pat, Beth and Miles are shown in a photo taken from the roof top of Beth's apartment in old Montreal. Ted and Pat visited for a few days in late May 07.

I was able to snap this photo of Beth modelling a dress, by her Montreal friend and acclaimed designer Rinada Merallis. Beth will be wearing the dress at her sisters garden wedding June 28th/07.

Ted and Pat had fantastic visit with daughter Beth in old Montreal recently. Enjoying a cold beverage on Beth's apartment roof top was great fun, and provided a panoramic view of the city.

The year is 2009 and Beth is living in Westmount area of Montreal. She began her Quebec child care career for then one year old Miles. This photo taken in June 09 shows Beth and the now strapping 11 year old Miles, just prior to enjoying dessert at Holders Restaurant in Old Montrea.

Daughter Beth left Croton about 10 years ago to work as a Nanny for then 1 year old Miles.  Since that time Beth has travelled to the far corners of the earth with her  Montreal family.

Seeking new adventures, Beth in January 2009 signed on with a large Montreal based child daycare company as a teacher assistant.  Beth now resides in a Westmount apartment complex and is completely enjoying her recent career change. 

Parents Pat and Ted Misselbrook along with brother and sister-in-law Alan and Lillian Misselbrook just returned (June 09)
from a vacation visit with Beth.