A great place to call home
Married in 1965 Ted and Pat both worked in Chatham. Ted at the Chatham Daily News and Pat at the Bank of Montreal. As a result their first house was a downstairs located on the corner of Lacroix and Harvey in Chatham.
Holden Street Dresden, became the second place for Ted and Pat to call home. This two bedroom rental was owned by Jack Grass . Built at the end of World War 2, by Robinson-Thomson Lumber of Dresden along with several others useing the same floor plan in the same Holden Street Location.
We bought this--then brand new Park Street home from O.J Martin in 1969. In the early 70's Highgate Construction built an add-on to include a rather larger family room and an extra washroom. The house was sold in 1978 to Wayne and Brenda Barr.
We moved to Croton in 1978 when buying this 8 year old home from Kathy and Lloyd Martin. The house is situated on a 1 acre of land, which was then owned and farmed by Kathy's father, Jim Brooks. Of course we've made lots of changes inside and out during the past 28 years, knowing that the rural setting continues to be such a positive part of our life.