Pictured at left is my namesake Lambert Misselbrook. The photo was snapped in the Parry Sound region in 1937. Lambert's son Howard is also shown.

Velda (Misselbrook) Clark is shown holding Rhonda, while Uncle Dalton holds twin Randy as their grandfather, Howard Misselbrook looks on. The picture was taken in the late 50's at Dalton and Winnies cottage at Walpole Island.

Sisters Violet, Martha, Mary and Liz (Higgins) are shown in this undated photo. Martha would go on to wed Lambert Misselbrook, eventualy moving to Dresden, were Lambert would operate a sawmill. The couple lived on Davis St, until Martha's death in 1945.

It looks like a McVean house in the background, and a cold winters day, as Winnifred Misselbrook and her mother-in-law Martha (Higgins) Misselbrook pose for this photo. Winnifred would often note that Martha was the kindest and most loving women she had ever known.

Velda Misselbrook is shown with her baby brother Ken in this undated photo, likely snapped in mid 1930's.

Shown relaxing near a rose garden area is Elsie (Misselbrook) Skinner, sister to Howard and younger brother Dalton. Elsie would wed Clair Skinner and live her life in Thamsville. They had one daughter Grace. Grace married Garnet Bodkin, and they would later reside in London until their death.

Hazel and Howard Misselbrook are shown with Joan, their daughter in this undate photo. The car in the background is a circa 1950 Pontiac.

A photo from the late 1930's shows Winnifred Misselbrook with her nieces Joan and Velda daughters of Howard and Hazel Misselbrook. Velda has remarked that she would often spend large blocks of time with Aunt Winnie, and that she very much enjoyed their time together.

They were best of friends as well as 1st cousins. Shown is Grace (Skinner) Bodkin and Velda on the occasion of Grace and Garnet's wedding day.

It was a wedding day event, when co-workers and friends joined together for this snap shot. Pictured from left Dalton Misselbrook, Keith Clark, Curly Clark and Jack Hooper.

Keith Clark and Velda (Misselbrook) Clark are shown in this undated photo. We would certainly like to thank them for all their help in making these photos available for our website.


    This web page will offer a selection of photos and information regarding the Misselbrook family, the early years. Over time we will provide the complete Misselbrook Family Tree reaching back to Henry Misselbrook from his birth home in England in 1776.

    For now, we simply invite you to enjoy a selection of photos. We acknowledge with thanks the contribution of Velda (Misselbrook) Clark and her husband Keith for supplying us with host of old time photos.

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