The 12th Annual Weese Reunion and Garden Party gave witness to the arrival of 11 out 12 lst. cousins, as shown by this picture.

One segment of the day long Weese Reunion was a historical tour of the Dresden Cemetery. Cousins Bob and Paul Weese are on a mission to locate grave sites of Weese kin long departed.

Dresden Historian Marie Carter holds court with Weese Family members at the Dresden Cemetery during the 11th annual reunion.

Ted Misselbrook one of the organizers for this years Weese Family Reunion is shown with cousin Walter just prior to the BBQ dinner at the Dresden Kinsmen Club Hall.

Reunion organizer Pat Misselbrook takes a moment to visit with Aunt Helen Weese, during Happy Hour at the Kinsmen Club.

This photo shot was taken at a Toronto nursing home of Dave Simpson and his mom Dorothy. Dave was unable to attend this years Weese Family reunion, but noted that he's planning now to attend the lucky 13th annual event slated for May 2007.

Weese kin from 8 months to 80 years of age gathered at the Dresden Kinsmen Club Hall for a BBQ and Happy Hour. It is estimated that over 75 WF members were in attendance.

Dawn Babin turns her back on Cousins Jim and Ron Weese and their "hockey talk" at the Weese Reunion and BBQ. You can't be faulted for that Dawn, nope, not at all.

No decision, lets eat says Bob Weese, while Keese (KC) ponders his dining decision. The wonders of youth?

Justin Foulon, Jill Misselbroooks 10 year old son has attended three Weese Family Reunions todate. "I like them" he says, I get to trim bushes and visit with lots of cousins"

It was a hetic, but fun day for all. Menna Weese finds a quiet spot to enjoy her BBQ meal at the Kin Hall.

Dresden Historian Marie Carter guided the Weese Family through the Dresden Cemetery during the annual WFR held May 13th. Marie's knowledge of local history including the ability to make a cemetery tour exciting and interesting was most appreciated. One cousin was heard to say "Marie is absolutely brilliant". Nuff said.

John Weese, is seen enjoying a beverage, while Lynda Weese goes pensive about this years WFR.

Alan and Lil served as co-organizers of this years WFR. Their project of editing an old 8mm film, to creat the Weese Family Christmas CD was accepted with enthusiasim and interest by the Weese clan.

Special orders don't upset him. BBQ Chief Tony Grubb is an essential ingredient to every successful WFR. This years grill was loaded with steaks, burgers, hotdogs and more.

The mother and daughter team of Bonnie and Katie, brought plenty of wit, charm, fun and laughter to WFR. They were even spoted "looking at a shovel" during the garden work party. You got to love 'em.

Walter Weese's family was well represented at the WFR with his 3 sons Joe, Mark and Greg and their friends and children in attendance.

Jim Weese has fond memories of the Kin Hall, and was impressed with the club rooms and facilities. Jim was pleased to see his father's picture on the wall of fame upstairs. Bill Weese was a Past President of the Kin Club and along with his brothers received the high honour of being named a Life Member.

Kim and Keeley have a warm and fuzzy mother-daughter moment at the Kin Hall, during happy hour stage for the annual WFR.

The Weese Family Garden was established in 1995 to honour Walter S. and Bessie Weese from their children pictured left to right W. Gerald Weese, Dorothy E. (Simpson) Clark, Winnifred S Misselbrook, Donald J. Weese, Douglas A. Weese and inset William T. Weese.

Aunt Helen receives service with a smile from Kin bar tender Carl Larocque. Carl and Jill Misselbrook are engaged to be married, with wedding day plans set for summer 2007.

Uncle Walter shares a moment and a few words of wisdom to his favorite niece Katie Hogan at the 11th WFR.

The History of the Weese Family in Dresden is shown here.

 For the past 11 years family members of the late Walter S. and Bessie Weese have gathered at the Weese Memorial Gardens in Dresden to begin a day long celebration of gardening historical reflection and social engagement.  Relatives from across the province make the annual trek to honour the previous generations and to renew friendships with present day relatives. 

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