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Written by Cathy Zruna on Aug. 20, 2007
Hey Pat & Ted this is GREAT!!! Enjoyed visiting and will continue to do so. You have accomplished so much in this. Be proud.

Written by jarrod tiffin on Aug. 8, 2007
Hey Ted this is a great page. Great to have a place you can check in on the old town from across the country. Keep up the great work.

Written by Sandra Pegg on Jul. 29, 2007
Hi -- just heard pictures were posted -- very good -
Beautiful bride!!!


Written by Laura Howe on Mar. 29, 2007
I enjoyed your site. I think I will make a site for family now too. I love this simplesite! It really makes a beautiful web site in no time with little problems and cost! I got a kick out of viewing yours! Have a great day from the US!

Written by Harry on Dec. 26, 2006
Hi Ted.
Great site.
Just got back from attending two Boxing Day parties. 1st started at 12 noon and the other I'm not sure when it started or what time it ended but we are home safe and sound - full of cold ones and stuffed to the gills. They tell me that's what Christmas is all about. One of these years I'll remember. Ha. Ha.
Thought this pic of our dear Alice and I would bring back memories.
Take care and see you in the new year.

Written by kathy on Nov. 12, 2006
Hi guys, We had a good time at the birthday party, but then again we always have good time whenever we are together. I have some very special friends! What a great site, I'll look again next week.

Written by gail thompson on Nov. 6, 2006
Hi Ted & Pat;
What a great presentation you created Ted. I really enjoyed it. Hope you two are staying well and Happy 60th Pat. I tried to send an e-card to you to let you know I was thinking of you. Where did those 60 yrs. go?
Take care
Love Gail

Written by John on Nov. 5, 2006
Very impressive..

which man is Lambert ..right or left?

Also..I didn't know you lived in one of the Holden Street homes. I well remember Oliphants on one end, Edna "Hog Pen" McFadden on the other, and of course the neighbours that lined up to your back yard.... R.S., The Northcotts, Dolsons and Bresetts..

"Hog Pen" was the affectionate nickname my dad coined for Edna.. Don't know why..she seemed nice and clean to me??

Written by Ron and Linda Stinson on Sep. 17, 2006
Hi Ted and Pat:

Throughly enjoyed seeing your pictures of family and friends. It has been too long since we have had a chance to get together. Sorry you were unable to make Linda's big 60th. Come see us!!

Written by Sandra Pegg on Jul. 11, 2006
Hi Pat & Ted - this website showed on one of Alan's e-mails. Nosy - and had to look - very well done!!

Written by jen hoehn on Jul. 10, 2006
Well done Ted. I am very impressed with all you have done here. Say hi to Jill for me (this is a easy way to catch up on what she is doing!) Take care, Jen!

Written by Chris Bresett on Jun. 27, 2006
What a beautiful thing to have. The pictures are great!